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When Cade Cunningham puts on that hat for the first time Thursday, the clock will start on his presumed Pistons stardom – and perhaps the purchase of a few hats here in Detroit. Now I’d like to give the standard color on deposit activity, repricing efforts and trends and a few additional details on the […]

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“I am always on watch. They watch out for what we refuse to notice, ready to sacrifice themselves in ways we can’t or won’t. “This album was supposed to come out in March,” she said. While everything looks like rainbows and sunshine for the Vokai tribe at that point of time, White Durag matters suddenly […]

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Consistently playing tough defense and efficient offense have helped the Trail Blazers surge up the standings over the final few weeks of the regular season. Blue-collar team.” – Lillard on the Trail Blazers finishing the regular season strong. The Blazers walloped the Pistons and Thunder this week, but could do nothing to stop Giannis Antetokounmpo […]

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By subscribing, you can help us get the story right. It’s not that orange that you can sit with. Fast-forward: It’s 2018. I’m 32, married eight years with two planned-for and deliberately conceived children. As traumatizing as the engagement breakup may have been, DeAngelo went on to marry Huddle and father three children, who are […]

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Super cool futuristic hollow earth flying spaceship? Check. I so hope they are going along on the journey to the center of the Earth. What the hell is a man carved temple doing in Middle Earth? McNabb, strapped to a gurney, raised both middle fingers toward witnesses galleries as the execution began. Luckily, Off-White has […]

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A trencher was a piece of stale bread that food was once served on in medieval times. The earliest form of leavening is a type of yeast, or breadmash, discovered accidentally approx 2600 BC by an Egyptian when a piece of dough had become sour. In medieval Western Europe, each citizen ate over 600 grams […]

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While at the university, Scott met the blind poet Thomas Blacklock, who lent him books and introduced him to James Macpherson’s Ossian cycle of poems, which he learned by heart. James Macpherson’s Ossian poems were claimed at the time to be translations dating back to the Dark Ages, but were later discredited when this was […]

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I don’t even care right now why they have to do it. WOW. We learn everything about who the good guy is and why we need to cheer for him to win this battle of the titans. ” chants came not from the home crowd saluting Bradley Beal but from rival Philadelphia fans for Joel […]

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That the internet went wild about Philip Treacy’s hat as always amazed me; of course the hat was outlandish. A high school senior from Tempe, Arizona, has spurred dialogue across the internet after he said he was suspended for refusing to take off his durag. With the help of her personal advisor and senior dresser […]

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And if you don’t want to draw your own, you can click over to the post to find a free printable coloring page. If you click over to the post, there is also a free printable Vatican flag coloring page for kids if you don’t want to draw your own. There are tons of templates […]